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Mix-Stir - stainless...

Mix-Stir - stainless steel


Mount on an electric hand drill to mix must, de-gas wine, or agitate lees. 22" long, stainless shaft with replaceable plastic blades. The collapsible wings make it easy to insert into and remove from a carboy.


Winexpert™ Wine Wand


As seen in Winexpert's "I Made This" DVD. The ultimate degassing, mixing, and aerating tool! Thorough mixing and degassing of a wine kit is imperative, and this is the most effective and efficient device we have used. Drill-mounted three-prong design is 22.5" tall and made of sturdy food-grade plastic…

Fermtech Whip...

Fermtech Whip Degasser


The Fermtech Whip Degasser attaches to a 3/8" variable speed drill for de-gassing wine.

WineEasy Vacuum...

WineEasy Vacuum Degassing Kit


Easily degas your wine before bottling with this vacuum degasser from Blichmann Engineering. Uses the same pump as the WineEasy Vacuum Press.

Blichmann WineEasy

Blichmann WineEasy


…only need ONE vacuum press kit for your winery no matter what quantity or size fermentors you have. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degass your wine! Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as these items ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.

Deluxe Winemaking...

Deluxe Winemaking Kit


…operated by one person. An then there's the gadgets: a wine thief and test jar make taking and reading hydrometer samples easier and more accurate; the sanitizable plastic paddle is ideal for mixing must, stirring in additives, or degassing wine prior to bottling; a carboy handle makes it easier to move…

Winemaking Equipment...

Winemaking Equipment for Brewers


wine kits? Most of your expertise and equipment carries over into winemaking, but you'll need a few additional items. This supplementary equipment kit provides you with options for all of the essential extra pieces of equipment you will need to make wine kits at home. The main differences with wine