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Canada Malting...

Canada Malting Distiller's Malt


1.4-2.1° L. At a rate of up to 100%, Canada Malting’s distiller’s malt is an excellent enzyme, amino nitrogen and starch source for a partial to full distiller’s mash. The well-modified malt, coupled with a gentle kilning cycle, produces high enzyme levels, which can be used to break down other…

Simpsons Peated Malt

Simpsons Peated Malt


2.5° L. Phenol level 12-24. While the malt is in the kiln, peat moss outside the kiln is gently smoked over slow burning coals allowing its vapors to drift above the malt. Peat malt is used in the distilling of Scotland's finest whiskies, but has found favor with homebrewers and craft brewers in smoked…